Projects Team

Projects Manager

Maryam Bakhtawar
[email protected]
Maryam is a dynamic & enlightened student who has been doing a wide range of projects throughout her student life. Currently doing her Bachelors in Software Engineering from International Islamic University Islamabad, she also works as a web developer, sales executive manager and content writer for She has done a lot of volunteer work in the past that includes inducting Zimmedar Shehri (Sargodha Chapter), serving as District Member of Youth Parliament of Pakistan and carrying out Fund Raising Campaigns for Flood Affected Areas. Maryam  has a great affection and love for pets. She likes travelling, para-sailing, badminton and swimming.

Projects Team (Business Development)

Junaid Ali
[email protected]
Junaid Ali is from Islamabad. Apart from his work at Shashca, he is doing chartered accountancy. He has also worked as a finance intern at Nasir Absar & Co.


Shakeel Ahmed
[email protected]
Shakeel wants to be a part of change. He likes innovatie ideas. He want to do some thing that gives or show direction to our youth. And that’s his mission.


Tamoor Saleem
[email protected]
Tamoor is from Lahore, currently doing his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering. His aim is to work in every way for the  betterment of the youth and to create awareness in the society.


Zaeem Hassan Akhtar
[email protected]
A student of Earth Science, Zaeem loves to work. He is working with different NGOs to serve people. Main projects he is working on are Inspire Pakistan and a Children Education Project by Alif Ailaan. His motivation is to work for the humanity, betterment of Pakistan and empowerment of youth.