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What is Shashca?

Shashca is an online newspaper published on the website www.shashca.com every fortnight. “Shashca” is a slang word which means something new or distinct. World’s first youth newspaper in Slang Urdu and Roman script, Shashca aims to target the ignorant youth which is uninformed about the sociopolitical affairs and does not take interest in literature. Youth constitutes 63% of the total population of Pakistan, according to UNDP. This means, more than 110 million people in Pakistan are below the age of 25. But we always get to see the active youth, which is thousands in number. The rest of the millions of youth aren’t even aware of the issues of local and global importance. This is our target audience. We believe if we are able to implement the project successfully, this can show revolutionary results!

The Ideology

Language never remains stagnant. Change with time in language is inevitable. The word ‘tota’ in Urdu, that was once written with two ‘tay’s, is now written with two ‘toay’s. What is right and what is wrong in case of language can never be dictated by some erudite scholars; it is decided always by the speakers of that language. If the speaker is more comfortable with speaking ‘you’ instead of ‘thou’, no power of the world can stop him. At Shashca, we do not claim to write the newspaper in Urdu; it is in ‘Slang Urdu’, which, by no means is an effort to distort Urdu. Just like Urdu didn’t distort Persian, Arabic, Turkish or Hindi. These languages stayed; Urdu emerged as a totally different language. Similarly, Slang Urdu is a separate and distinct language. It just did not have a script yet and that we gave it. Maybe unintentionally, we are legitimizing Roman script, and encouraging people to converse in Slang Urdu, but at the expense of this, we believe we are doing something greater for the society: spreading awareness and knowledge. Moreover, we do not want language to be a barrier in communication; if someone understands better in one language, there is no harm in conversing to him in that language to make your point clear to him. This is what we believe. And this is our ideology.

Modus Operandi

Apart from the fortnightly newspaper, Shashca has a News Website too, where news is posted on a daily basis and youth is kept updated about the latest news as they happen.

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  1. aniqa says:

    where to get ur newspaper??? is it available at book store??

  2. Shehroz says:

    Hi there. I wanted to know who I need to talk to in order to get coverage for our All Pakistan Art Festival at the Ghulam Ishaq Institute of Science and Technology.

  3. Moeen Ahmed says:

    AOA! i need the contact no of admin…

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